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Soccer Pick Up Games in South El Monte

Indoor Soccer Center in South El Monte offers pick-up games, so you can play whenever you want. Drop in for any one of our many pick-up sessions without the need to form your own team. Pick-up games make for an incredible workout and is a great facilitator for meeting fellow soccer players. Our games last one hour with five players per team. All ages are welcome. Pick-up games commonly occur on Sundays from 7pm-9pm—ranging from $15-$25 per player. Playing with different opponents and teammates will fuel your creativity and mobility around a field full of different talents. Find your active sports community where you live.

Premier Indoor Futsal Stadium

Our modern indoor futsal facility at Indoor Soccer Center is over 13,000 square feet—providing maximum futsal real estate. Futsal is the perfect association football variation for indoor playing. Played on a hard-court surface, futsal presents unique challenges from traditional soccer. Between the hard court and smaller, less bouncy ball, players must rely on their agility and strategic thinking to maneuver the ball successfully. In teams of just five people on our futsal pick-up games, you will find healthy competition and valuable teammates. You’ll never have to stress about assembling a team ever again with our pick-up game options. Just grab your cleats and head on over to Indoor Soccer Center in South El Monte. To see when the next pick-up game and sign up is, call us in advance to reserve your spot.