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Inflatable Bubble Soccer Games in South El Monte

Bubble soccer is a new craze that is sweeping the nation. This fast-moving sport can be enjoyed by all ages. Indoor Soccer Center in South El Monte offers this hilariously entertaining game. Each player is protected by a huge transparent inflatable bubble. Then, the teams play football with what always ends in comical results. Whether you are a spectator or a participator, it will be laugh-out-loud fun bumping and knocking into each other like human bumper cars—all while playing soccer. For just $99 per hour with up to 30 people, bubble soccer ball makes for a great celebratory activity!

Glow-in-the-Dark Bubble Ball Soccer Games in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County's Indoor Soccer Center amps up the fun with Neon Glow-in-the-Dark Bubble Soccer. We also offer outside rental options, so you can use our equipment when you want to and where you want to. To learn more about our bubble soccer games and outside rentals, get in touch with us today. Our staff can help you plan your next event!

Outside Bubble Soccer

Bubble Ball Details:

  • Neon Glow-In-The-Dark Bubble Soccer – From 9pm to 11pm
  • 10 Qty Bubble Ball Soccer Suits
  • $99 for 1 Hour
  • Unlimited Players
  • Additional time – $99/hour
  • Indoor Soccer Field
  • Snack Bar On-Site

Outside Rental Details

  • $400 Delivery & Pick Up to You - 24 Hour Rental
  • $300 You Pick UP & Bring Back - 24 Hour Rental


  • 10 Bubble Suits [5 per team]
  • 1 Pump
  • 1 Soccer Ball
  • 2 Goals & Field Marks
Bubble Soccer Bubble Soccer
Bubble Soccer Outside Bubble Soccer

Waiver - Soccer & Bubble Ball